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Improve working flexibility for happier agents

800px-Clock-longtimeThe call centre industry has a bad reputation for having a high turnover of staff. It is understandable that being stuck at the end of the line, often listening to unhappy customers, isn’t for everyone. However, the telephone answering services workplace doesn’t have to be an unhappy one. For executives who want to boost their retention rates and ensure their staff are happy, flexibility is key.

There are a number of things that call centres can do to improve working conditions, and when it comes to flexibility, taking the commute into consideration is very important. Travelling at rush hour can be very stressful, so offering people greater control over getting to work will be gratefully received. Call centres can’t have everyone arrive after rush hour, but shift patterns could be altered to avoid the busiest times. Alternatively, staff can be put on rotating schedules so that they can always enjoy some later starts each month.

Another good idea to avoid wasting agents’ time is to hire a catering company for in-house lunches. People waste a lot of time visiting the shops to buy lunch, and before they know it, their half-hour break is over. By hiring outside caterers and installing vending machines, call centres free up workers’ valuable time.

There are many ways to boost morale in the workplace, and increasing agent flexibility is one great method. This approach improves people’s moods, creates a positive working atmosphere, and can help increase retention rates.

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