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Improve social media strategies with customer service techniques

Many call centres have come to realise that it is vital to adopt social media. As a result, the traditional role of telephone answering services has diversified so that a multi-channel approach is used. However, a number of new customer service techniques are required if consistent care is to be provided across all the various channels of communication being used.

Creating strategies for use in places such as Twitter and Facebook can be daunting, so there are some important tips to follow. First, all messages must be answered as promptly as possible. In the world of social media, things move at a fast pace. Not only should Facebook messages and directed Tweets never be ignored, but they should be answered in hours, not days.

Luckily, there is a lot of technology available, and call centres are strongly advised to seek out tools that can help them manage their multi-channel strategy. Specific apps scour Twitter for keywords to help companies focus on new customers, whilst others channel Tweets into one place for easy answering.

Another important tip is to ensure that the right people are employed to manage social media. Twitter and Facebook use isn’t for everyone, and a different approach is required for social media than on the phone. Regular training should be conducted to hone people’s skills and ensure the right strategy is used.

Finally, companies using social media need to be proactive and personal in their communication. Taking initiative and helping people is a great way to develop customer loyalty, keeping call centres optimised for future business.

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