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Improve scripts with a few simple steps

Telephone in blueCall centres have evolved dramatically over the past few years, with many businesses throwing out rigid scripts in favour of a more flexible approach. Compliance requirements often make it difficult to throw out scripts entirely, but existing wording can be improved with a few simple steps. This can be a great advantage for businesses in an age when customer service is everything.

If telephone answering services are determined to go ahead with scripting, it is essential to gather information from the frontline agents. These workers deal with customers day in and day out, so they know what works and what does not. In addition, scripts should be regularly reviewed not only for errors, but also to bring wording up to date and keep it fresh and engaging to customers. This is particularly important for services that have regular callers.

Timesaving devices can also be added to scripts. For example, embedding group chat means that agents can ask supervisors a question without leaving a call. It also means that managers can intervene discreetly if necessary. Customer data should be pre-filled into scripts so that agents do not need to ask consumers for their personal data.

It is vital for a script to flow seamlessly and engage callers. A good script creates a guided and unstilted flow that is easy for the agent and caller to follow. Getting scripting right can make customer services better and faster.

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