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Improve phone listening skills in call centres

You might have a call centre as part of your headquarters, and have considered outsourcing your call centre to improve your customer service. There are certainly benefits to going with telephone answering services that have been outsourced, since you can gain a cost savings and improve your call centre customer service; however, if you are not at the point of outsourcing, consider how you can make your current call representatives more focused, able to detect emotions, and ask questions to gain a better understanding of what the caller wants.

Actually, when you are about to approach a call centre to improve your customer service, you need to think about these things. Ask to test the call representatives. If you can call up as a customer then you might learn how the customer service representative will actually handle your calls. It is a lot better to do a test when the person is unaware that you might become a customer of their services than to ask questions of the management.

Secret shoppers are customers who test places of business. You can also be a secret shopper and make certain that your call centre needs are met. Make certain that you evaluate the call centre staff on whether they are focused, able to detect your emotions, and whether they ask you the right questions. Listening is a huge part of a call representative’s job. This is why you must make certain that you have the right call personnel to help your company.

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