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Improve IVR with industry tips

telephoneProviding customers with interactive voice response (IVR) is a great way for call centres to improve efficiency and allow customers to help themselves without talking to an agent. However, setting up a system and leaving it to stagnate needs to be avoided at all costs. For telephone answering services that need to overhaul their IVR, there are several industry tips to use.

First, one of the most important things to bear in mind when developing IVR menus is to keep things simple. Obscure words and jargon shouldn’t be used, and the language should be consistent with other channels such as email or webchat. It is also a good idea to make the most popular option the first menu choice. This means that customers won’t have to go through an entire menu before finding what they’re looking for.

When tracking IVRs and identifying problems, it is a good idea to listen to calls. Whilst listening in is a commonly used tactic in call centres, most companies utilise it on connected calls. However, taking the time to listen to traffic movement through IVR can highlight which menu options are working and which are not.

Finally, it is vital to regularly reassess IVRs. The business world evolves quickly, and customer demands can change in a matter of months. By consistently checking if an IVR is working, call centres can ensure they are doing everything possible to optimise efficiency, performance, and customer care.

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