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Improve FCR with industry insights

CallcentreCall centres often rely on first call resolution (FCR) as one of their major metrics. However, as the quality of customer services has become increasingly important, some firms have moved away from attempting to achieve high FCR rates in favour of excelling at consumer care instead. Nevertheless, getting through as many calls as possible remains important for telephone answering services. By using industry insights, FCR can be improved without compromising on customer services quality.

For companies that want to boost their performance, it is vital to actually listen to customers’ problems. All too often, agents forge ahead without fully understanding what is wrong. This results in call-backs, thereby decreasing FCR. It is also important to ensure that team managers are trained properly so they know the role of front-line agents. This helps professionals make the right decision, particularly when customers are on the line, and can boost FCR rates.

Another way to aid FCR and customer services is to create online help-hubs for customers. By providing commonly asked questions, businesses can reduce their traffic, keeping a lot of issues out of the call centre altogether. This not only improves customer services, but it also means there isn’t quite as much pressure to maintain high FCR.

Focussing solely on FCR can be a false economy for many companies, speeding calls up but failing on customer services. However, taking consumer care into consideration when boosting FCR can result in positive performances.


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