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Improve FCR rates with these simple steps

call_centerFirst call resolution (FCR) is an important metric for call centres. For companies that want to offer the best customer services possible, ensuring that people’s problems are dealt with with in a single contact is crucial. By following these simple steps, telephone answering services can improve their FCR rate whilst providing a great experience.

One of the key things to bear in mind is that resolution must be achieved from the customer’s point of view. It is pointless to have agents believe they’ve fulfilled FCR if callers are not happy. This makes monitoring calls extremely important so that the reasons for repeat calls can be identified. Using this information, procedures and training can be improved so consumers won’t have to call a second time.

It is also vital for call centres to have the right technology in place. Software should be able to analyse enquiry types and route people through to the correct agent. In the modern day, when multiple entry points are utilised, it is essential to consolidate tracking and analysis across the entire company and not just incoming calls.

Finally, consider cross-training agents so that workers are able to deal with a wider range of problems. This reduces the number of callers being transferred and can have a significant effect on FCR. Agents shouldn’t be penalised for spending longer periods of time on a call, particularly if a positive outcome is achieved.

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