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Improve call quality with effective management

Side view of customer service assistantsFor telephone answering services, it is essential for call quality to constantly evolve; this ensures that businesses can provide their consumers with the experiences they demand. Monitoring calls isn’t only about spotting issues and dealing with them; it’s also about finding positive messages and allowing them to ripple across branding. There are many ways in which call centres can improve their call quality management to be more effective.

First, it is essential to actually utilise the data that is gathered. Callers can provide a lot of information if they are asked, but all too often, this data isn’t actually collated and put to future use. Every important aspect of calls should be recorded so that lessons can be learned from both positive and negative engagement.

Meanwhile, an important way to boost call quality is to focus on the small things first. Even if a business fixes a problem, the quality of calls can still plummet if customers aren’t treated right. For example, consumer greetings must be right from the outset, positive phrasing should be utilised throughout calls, and a call structure should be adhered to where possible. Making these small things become second nature allows agents to act on the larger complexities of a customer’s needs.

For some call centres, the idea of quality control for call monitoring might sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be high-tech. Even manual ticking of spreadsheet categories can be a good place to start, allowing businesses to boost the effectiveness of their calls.

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