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Improve call centre security with phoneprinting

Online security and the safeguarding of personal data are major concerns for modern consumers. With ID theft making headlines all the time and many criminals using customer data to hack accounts, people are understandably quite wary of utilising systems that do not have the proper protections in place. Therefore, it is essential for call centres to implement safety features such as phoneprinting.

To ensure that customers are being protected, telephone answering services need to adopt a multi-layered approach when it comes to defence. Voice biometrics has become a great go-to technology, with many firms using this software to authenticate their callers and offer them better security. This tool helps call centres to ensure that fraudsters are not easily able to bypass knowledge-based questions. For the best defence, a multi-layered system must be used.

This is because voice biometrics cannot differentiate between devices, for example, nor can it analyse and identify patters in a user’s behaviour. Phoneprinting can conduct both of these tasks, however, allowing call centres to increase the security of their phone systems and keep consumers safe. It also allows agents to conduct their roles as customer services staff and provide the best quality without having to also focus on security procedures.

Modern call centres must prioritise the consumer, and this means keeping people’s identity and personal details safe. Therefore, using phoneprinting along with a multi-layered security approach puts firms in a good position to keep data away from fraudsters’ fingers.

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