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Improve call centre metrics for better performance

performance increaseMetrics are incredibly important for call centres, helping telephone answering services to establish their effectiveness and make improvements in customer services. Therefore, it is vital that metrics are being used in the correct way. As part of running any business, metrics need to be reviewed occasionally to ensure they are having the right effect.

Call centres often focus on the metric of First Contact Resolution (FCR). Working on this metric means that agents do everything they can to help customers in a single communication, resolving issues and providing a positive brand experience as a result. To increase FCR rates, it is important to identify the reasons for repeat calls and pass this information on to agents, allowing workers to address problems and avoid the need for further conversations.

Another important tip for call centres is to make sure they are measuring their metrics individually. A mixture of qualitative and quantitative indicators should be chosen, and clear targets should be set for each indicator. In addition, by paying special attention to the quality of engagement, efficiency-driven metrics often take care of themselves.

Finally, Average Handling Time (AHT) is best used as a soft skill rather than a hard metric. This is because if agents are focussed on successfully completing calls quickly, service might drop and repeat engagement could rise. Instead, teaching people how to resolve issues quickly without making it an essential requirement can help deliver better service.

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