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Improve call centre experience with feedback

Male hand hanging up phoneAspect Software, one of the leading providers of call centre solutions, has stated that consumer feedback is one of the most important tools to improve customer experience. This assertion comes as Which? revealed that the number one frustration for many people is being stuck in a call centre queue.

Telephone answering services can do little to avoid queues altogether, so many customers are likely to remain frustrated indefinitely. However, there are steps that call centres can take to relieve some of this annoyance, and it is often customer feedback that provides the answers.

In a survey of 2,260 members, Which? discovered a number of issues that frustrate callers. For example, 47 per cent said that hearing the phrase “Your call is valued” is one of the most annoying features. Being directed to company websites frustrated 28 per cent of people, whilst 11 per cent of consumers do not like being told that all operators are busy.

The survey also identified some positive aspects. For example, 33 per cent of people respond well to being told how long their wait is expected to last. Meanwhile, 30 per cent of consumers like being able to leave their telephone number for a call-back. Overall, 93 per cent of people do not want to wait longer than five minutes.

Aspect’s Senior Vice President of Europe and Africa Operations, Stephen Ball, said: “No one likes being stuck in a queue, but it’s clear that not all queues are made equal, and the duration of delay is sometimes less important than how you experience it. The music, the messages being played and the features of the queue make an enormous difference to the ultimate experience of the customer, and whether or not they find the queue tolerable or downright annoying.”

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