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Improve agent engagement with these four principles

Call centerBoosting agent engagement in the call centre is vital for companies that want to run a successful and productive operation. To help bring about positive change in the workplace, here are four principles that executives can implement.

First, it is important for telephone answering services to create and nurture a workplace culture. Agents are adults, and they have children, mortgages and responsibilities. Therefore, cultural development needs to be implemented maturely and in a way that all staff and customers buy in to. Blending customer and staff culture together is becoming increasingly common, allowing everyone who engages with a brand to feel like they are part of the team.

Team members also need to be able to take the glory from time to time. This means allowing front-line staff to be empowered, with managers taking a step back and providing a chance for their employees to shine.

Meanwhile, employee engagement feedback is vital, and it needs to be livened up if call centre executives wish to get the best responses. Instead of using the traditional questionnaire, opt for discussion boards, panels or pop quizzes.

Finally, it is essential for companies to support their staff financially. Salary levels might be fixed, but there are other things firms can do to ease money woes. For example, hardship loans and small crisis loans can help agents if they are in debt. Meanwhile, low-cost holiday options can be a very attractive perk for staff.

Boosting engagement in the workplace is important if agents are to work efficiently and productively. When these four principles are in place, success is likely to follow.

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