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Improve agent attitude with simple steps

happyRecruitment is a costly business, so it is important to keep staff retention as high as possible. The call centre industry is notorious for having high employee turnover, especially because the job does not suit everyone’s tastes. However, when agents have a bad attitude, there are some simple ways to tackle the problem without showing them the door.

The telephone answering services world isn’t always the easiest one to work in, so it is important to recognise that some agents with a poor attitude might actually be attempting to hide their fear of failure. By identifying this and giving people more support, many managers are able to turn poor performers into some of their best agents. If this doesn’t improve their attitude, there might be another underlying problem. When a worker seems like an entirely different person from the one who was interviewed and hired, it is worth sending an HR representative in to try to solve the problem.

Another simple step in getting to the bottom of a bad attitude is to ask people what is important to them. Discovering why they come to work every day can be very telling and can reveal people’s dreams, aspirations, or even their daily struggles. By knowing the bigger picture, call centres are better able to support their teams.

Finally, it is important to lead with a confident smile at all times, subduing possible panic and creating a calm environment for people to work in. Agents are the wheelhouse of an organisation, and spending adequate time with poor performers can have huge benefits in the long run.

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