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Important ways to boost video calling success

Web cameraThe use of video calling within call centres is still relatively low, and despite technology allowing for easy implementation of this channel, many companies seem to fear it. For telephone answering services that intend to use it in 2015, there are a few key points to consider.

One of the most important things is that the approach to video calling needs to be very different from that of a voice call. On the latter, it can be relatively simply to hide a plethora of problems from callers, but this is not the case with video calls. Therefore, agents need to be able to handle performance issues, and a clear escalation process needs to be in place if extra expertise is required to solve a caller’s queries. In addition, it is necessary to realise that the productivity of video agents will likely fall because they can’t multitask whilst on a call. In addition, video chat needs to be shorter than voice calls because it’s harder for workers to perform positively across every chat session if they are on long-winded and demanding calls.

Away from operational processes, call centres also need to ensure that their video calls are branded properly. A dress code needs to be implemented for video agents, whilst backgrounds and booths need to be branded and professional. Small personal touches from agents can help humanise employees, but this needs to be kept to a minimum.

Overall, video chat can be a great tool, particularly when agents need to show callers products. However, the right systems need to be set in place before such a channel is launched.

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