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Important tips to make outbound calls a success

Even if a call centre largely deals with incoming calls, there will be times when agents have to make outgoing connections. This could be a small department dealing with upselling or agents contacting customers who have utilised a call-back feature. To ensure telephone answering services make the most of outbound calls, there are some important tips to consider if on-going success is to be seen.

First, the way that agents say something can often be more influential than what they are saying. For example, the pacing and tone of a conversation can dramatically alter how a consumer receives an agent’s call. As such, employees need to engage on every call instead of simply going through the motions and delivering the same pitch every time.

There is a fine line between too much excitement and not enough excitement. This means that agents have to be alert so they can quickly identify the level of enthusiasm they need for each call. In addition, although agents are hidden away behind a phone, there is no reason to forget about body language. The way people sit can affect how they sound. Meanwhile, simply smiling whilst talking can change the tone of a voice, making it more ingratiating to others.

Finally, call centres must not forget to provide on-going coaching. Even the best agents can benefit from a review now and then, ensuring that employees don’t develop habits that could prove costly in the outgoing call environment.

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