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Important tips regarding marketing leads

Whilst many call centres deal almost entirely with inbound calls, most companies have some form of outgoing traffic, even if it is only via callbacks and resolving ongoing issues. Telephone answering services have to concentrate on dealing with consumer queries in addition to following up potential leads, whether this is upselling or brand new prospects. When doing this, there are a number of important things to remember.

First, call centres might not be able to sell right then and there; instead, the process might require several “touches”. Even if a consumer is interested in buying a product or service, it might not be the right time. However, noting their interest at an early stage is vital if upselling is to prove successful in the future.

Another important tip, and one that is certainly relevant in this age of multi-channel networking, is that many people require companies to keep them interested across a variety of platforms. In addition to call centre traffic, using webchat, videos and social media updates can be vital for converting potential leads into paying consumers.

Finally, it is vital that all prospect information is kept up to date and accurate. This ensures that a more personalised service can be provided. All information must be fed into a CRM solution so that all departments have access to the same data; this is an essential requirement if consumer sales are to be targeted effectively.

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