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Important tips for call centre video channels

As the multichannel approach continues to prosper in call centres, more companies are playing around with video calling. Through services such as Skype, video calling can often allow a far more personal approach to dealing with clients. However, it is vital that some important questions are given due consideration before telephone answering services implement this channel.

First, it is essential that a uniform is considered preceding the rollout of video calling. Branding is a constant factor, whether it’s what employees are saying or what they’re wearing. Therefore, the style of clothes agents are wearing needs to reflect brands. Schuh, for example, is a young fashion company. Its agents don’t have a set uniform, but they are expected to look well-presented and hip. In a more corporate environment, suits or formal attire might be appropriate. In addition, it’s important to remember that white clothing can drain the colour from agent’s faces, so removing this colour from clothing and video booth backdrops is vital.

Modern technology means that noise-reduction headsets are a great tool in the call centre. It also means that agents can sit in the same room, even if they’re video calling. If this is the case, a back board behind a line of agents should be considered to provide a consistent and professional background.

Increasing numbers of firms are using video calling, and by following the right tips, call centres can make it an integral part of their business.

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