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Important techniques for training and coaching in call centres

Telephone Answering ServicesIf call centres want to see the best performance, it is vital that they optimise one specific resource area: employees. It is easy to forget that workers are one of a telephone answering services’ most important resources. By focussing on training and additional coaching, firms can ensure they improve their company whilst increasing staff retention.

One of the most important things to ensure when rolling out coaching is that agents have to buy into the training. Negative feelings toward training can hinder people’s ability and motivation to learn. However, by making sure people understand the training exists to help them and make their lives easier, a much better response can be seen.

Another important technique is to ensure people are working as a team. Instead of setting personal goals, team targets can be set. This helps spur people on and facilitates the sharing of knowledge between more experienced staff members and new starters. Best practices can also be shared within teams, not only identifying and rewarding those who’ve excelled, but also helping to motivate other employees to follow their team members.

Finally, it is vital for agents to experience all back-office functions as well as their own duties. By educating workers on all aspects of a call centre, people have a better understanding of day-to-day operations. This can be an essential part of optimising performance.

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