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Important skill sets to look for in call centres

For any business wanting to outsource their telephone answering service it is vital that the chosen provider is able to carry out high quality work and meet customer expectations.  There are some clear skills to look for when browsing companies, including product knowledge, complaint handling and up-selling, and ensuring that call centres have experience in these areas will provide a better service.

In a new survey by the South West Contact Centre Forum (SWCCF) it was found that there are four areas that contact centres must be skilled in.  Product knowledge is, unsurprisingly, a key point for most clients, and detrimental customer service can result from staff not knowing what they are talking about.  This skill also ties in well with up-selling; a particularly difficult area for many people.  Up-selling involves offering customers bolt-on products or extra services, and can be an important part of any call centre business strategy.  However, if it is not done correctly it can come across as pushy and could anger callers.

Aside from selling, call centres need to be able to show high quality processes for complaint handling, indicating that they are able to minimise complaint impact and ensure that customer problems are sorted out quickly and efficiently.  Meanwhile, with customers expecting more than ever, the importance of going the extra mile should never be underestimated.

Whenever businesses are looking to outsource their telephone answering services, using these skill sets can help find the perfect provider.  This will provide companies with the peace of mind that customers are being treated responsibly and professionally.

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