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Important methods for promoting sales calls

salesMost call centres have to deal with selling at some point. Even if the majority of telephone answering services work is inbound, agents might still be required to upsell, which means that sales tactics remain crucial. Unfortunately, as soon as many clients hear a sales patter, they’re ready to end the call, so using the right steps to keep people engaged is essential.

One of the most important things to do is to tell people from the outset that any sales information is going to be short and sweet. Time is money, both for a call centre and its clients. By promising to keep it short, people are more likely to engage. Moreover, adding a personal touch as soon as possible is vital. This is easier when it comes to upselling because call centres already have client data at their disposal.

Being genuine is also paramount when it comes to sales calls. It’s a good idea for agents to compliment callers or give them something useful, such as a product tip, before starting a sales pitch. By flattering people first, they are more likely to hang around on the call.

Finally, although most sales pitches will go the same way, it is important to listen to individuals and adapt strategies to meet the individual’s needs. It is vital for agents to utilise their ear and gauge whether people are still interested. If they’re losing engagement, asking questions or speeding up the patter can help immensely.

Sales calls are not everyone’s forte, so it’s important to get sales teams right. By conducting calls with some of the above tips, better engagement and sales follow-through can be noted.

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