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Important lessons to take from BBC’s call centre reality show

Many people have been gripped by the BBC’s programme The Call Centre; a fly on the wall documentary following life in a call centre.  Whilst the centre itself might have received a fair amount of criticism, there are some important points that can be learnt from this rare glimpse into a working telephone answering services centre.

One of the most essential points to remember is that happy people really do sell.  With scripting on its way out, and many call centres encouraging their staff to use their initiative, be chatty and engage with their customers, great customer service can really be achieved.  In addition, having a happy workplace that is fun, creative and a good place to work will really help sales.

Another point that was highlighted by the BBC reality show is that it is essential for call centres to divide agents into sub-teams that work in different areas.  Even if all employees are working to the same script, creating teams helps increase motivation and competitiveness, and can really drive agents to better themselves and those around them.

Finally, one key point that came across loud and clear in the programme is that training is essential.  In Episode 1, struggling Hayley was demoted to tea lady.  Not only does such a move do nothing for employee motivation, but it doesn’t treat the root of the problem.  Training is essential, especially for those who are struggling.  By taking the time to offer more support and guidance, agents can be put back on the phone in no time.

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