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Important headset features for call centres

In the call centre, the type of headsets used can be of great importance. Headsets not only help agents communicate properly, but they can also affect a worker’s demeanour, particularly if the devices are uncomfortable. For that reason, it is essential that telephone answering services take the time to properly research new hardware before buying it.

In the modern world, headsets have many features that make a wide variety of call centre actions far more simple and effective than in years gone by. For example, sensors can now be equipped, providing people with instant data about audio settings, thus allowing agents to deal with calls more easily. In addition, headsets can be used to automatically lock computers when workers step away, heightening call centre security.

As mentioned above, comfort is also important, and companies must try to ensure that the headset chosen won’t affect people’s ability to conduct work. Important features to look for include large ear cushions, super soft or leatherette cushions for increased hygiene and comfort, a variety of wearing styles, and the use of lightweight headset frames.

Finally, a thought must also be given to sound quality optimisation. Using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) helps remove background noise and provide better clarity to conversations. This is particularly important given that mobile phones can soon call 116, 0808 and 0800 numbers for free, meaning many call centres will have to deal with increased background noise on the customer’s end.

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