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Important answers to the most common virtual PA concerns

Virtual personal assistants have become more popular in recent years, offering many call centres and individuals the ideal means of accessing assistants without staff having to be physically present.  Whilst there are a huge number of benefits to this, many executives still have concerns about hiring such an assistant.  However, most of these worries have simple answers that can help business leaders make the right decision.

One major concern held by people is that they do not want to dabble with the virtual world.  They are used to dealing with people face-to-face, and do not want that to change.  However, the world is increasingly using telephone answering services, Skype and emails, so hiring a virtual PA really is no different.  In fact, as many new opportunities become available, business leaders could hire an assistant with the correct skills anywhere in the world.

Another worry might be that virtual personal assistants are simply too disconnected from the day-to-day workings of a business.  This might be true, but the business world is full of people who are not in the office every day, from sales personnel to offices that may be based abroad.  There is no reason for a virtual PA to be out of the loop, especially for executives who schedule regular meetings, utilise Skype and include assistants in monthly conference calls or annual retreats.

Finally, executives may have real concerns about monitoring how much their virtual assistants work.  However, if positive results are coming in and the job is getting done, then there is no reason not to evaluate work the same way as any other employee.

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