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Importance of Call Centre Recognised In Company Restructure

High street retailer Comet has announced that it plans to cut the workforce in half at its Hull-based business centre. The electrical specialist has announced it has entered into a consultation process with part of its workforce.

Staff from human resources, IT, finance, property and administration support are all facing uncertainty.

The 341 staff at the call centre are not affected by the latest announcement.

The recognition given to the call centre in this restructure echoes the market trend we have seen at GoResponse, with larger companies down-sizing admin and internal support functions; but retaining direct customer support services through restructuring and/or outsourcing.

GoResponse has a wide range of bespoke call centre services that cater for customer care, sales order lines or retail network support.

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Glen Blow
Business Development Director
GoResponse Ltd

For the full story on the Comet business centre story see the This Is Hull Website.

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