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Implementation streamlined with new solution

A new piece of technology has been launched to help call centres integrate solutions more quickly. Noble for Sales Cloud Fast Start solution provides an easy way to connect the company’s CRM platform with the Noble Enterprise call centre platform, allowing additional contacts to be generated by sales teams whilst boosting productivity and efficiency.

For many telephone answering services, having seamless integration between various solutions is vital if maximum efficiency is to be gained. Now that the new technology has been launched, inside sales teams can gain the advantage of a streamlined implementation with reduced set-up times aiding swifter use of services.

Once the CRM integration has been performed, sales teams can work within the environment without constantly having to click out, which is a process that can disrupt concentration. Transferring a call, scheduling a callback, and one-click access to a variety of tools are also available. Companies also have the ability to bolster their system with call recording, integrated soft phone, advanced reporting tools, and compliance and campaign management.

Colin Chave, the general manager of Noble Systems, explained: “Adding our contact automation in to the SFA technology mix enables companies to achieve a two-fold or greater increase in productivity. The new Fast Start program allows sales managers to see improved results in a fraction of the time of a standard implementation to make more contacts and increase sales revenues even more quickly.”

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