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Idle agents can cost call centres money

money 2Call centre scheduling can be extremely difficult. With too few agents, customer queue length can lengthen and the quality of customer services can drop. However, if too many agents are online, workers can end up being idle and costing telephone answering services money.

Getting call centre shift patterns to be 100 per cent effective is almost impossible. Fluctuations in traffic, whether this is by the hour, day, or season, mean that sometimes agents might have nothing to do besides waiting for the next call. However, it is important to evaluate such situations and determine ways to boost efficiency.

A number of questions should be asked when evaluating agent idleness. For example, companies should identify whether their average handling time (AHT) is based on a daily or a per interval rate. In addition, it is important to consider whether AHT includes the wrap-up time that is conducted after a call has finished. If the work is done while the conversation is being conducted, it could reduce overall idleness.

Call centres also need to plan to have their most skilled and efficient staff on duty during busy periods. By using workforce management tools, the proficiency levels of each agent can be set, helping call centres to schedule the right people to work at the right time.

The problem with idle agents is that they quickly become bored. This can lead to job dissatisfaction, thereby running the risk of people quitting. Ensuring that people have enough to fill their working day helps the company whilst boosting job satisfaction.

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