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Identify consumer needs to provide high-quality services

call centerOver the past few years, call centres around the world have realised the importance that customer services place on retaining sales and avoiding bad branding. However, all too often, telephone answering services are reacting to problems instead of first identifying what their customers need and how a business can help.

Many organisations utilise incentives as a way to boost their agents’ productivity. Even though this might get staff members to answer more calls and make more sales, it does not always result in good customer services. For example, Citizens Advice discovered that 81 per cent of people were dissatisfied with calls to gas companies in 2015. Meanwhile, 89 per cent had similar views on telephone companies.

The flaw here is that companies may be relying on incentives to get agents to work harder rather than actually establishing what their consumers need. Many call centres are not a quick fix for businesses to boost sales or for consumers to get immediate help. In a lot of cases, there is far more work to do past the initial phone call. This means that simply getting agents to deal with more enquiries is unlikely to return the quality of customer service executives might be looking for.

To improve the quality of consumer care, it is vital to actually identify what customers want. For example, self-service options might be the answer to many people’s needs, allowing them to get a problem fixed quicker and have a positive experience with a brand as a result. It is this answering of a need that can offer improved services, leading to overall benefits in the long run.

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