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Human touch an essential tool for call centres

As the world becomes increasingly digital, many call centres are optimising their offerings by providing self-service options and automating processes to make life a little easier. This can be a great way to streamline operations and let customers help themselves. However, there is still a vital need for the human touch, so telephone answering services must not be too quick to eradicate agent interactions completely.

There are three key reasons that the human touch is still required in business: people solve problems, agents can empathise, and humans want to have choices. After all, there is only so much problem-solving an autonomous tool can do. Agents, however, can listen, understand and seek out the information they require to fix an issue. Machines can be great, but they come with downsides, too. Supermarkets, for example, utilise self-service checkouts increasingly. However, when these go wrong, they require human help to restart the process.

Meanwhile, the ability to empathise with customers is an extremely important feature of human agents. By understanding and caring about people’s queries, a call centre can provide outstanding services. Automation might be quick, but it certainly cannot provide a personal touch.

Finally, humans want choices, so funnelling people into a mandatory automation process could significantly compromise customer satisfaction. Many people do prefer self-service options and will happily use them when given a chance. However, others want to talk to an agent or find self-service features to be too much of a challenge.

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