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Human interaction remains important in call centres

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With many call centres increasingly turning to self-service options as a way to optimise customer care, there might be a growing belief that human agents are becoming obsolete. However, removing the human element altogether can be extremely costly in the long run. This means that businesses need to develop a careful balance of both self-service and human engagement options.

There are a number of reasons that telephone answering services must not remove agents altogether from the customer journey. For example, humans can solve many problems that self-service options are simply not equipped to handle. Agents can think on their feet, analyse, listen and solve a query, often within one conversation. In many cases, if a positive solution is provided, customers can actually be delighted with the service and fall in love with a brand as a result; this is something that is unlikely to be achieved by a machine interaction.

Human empathy is also something that a self-service machine cannot provide. Having a friendly and helpful voice on the other end of the line when a problem occurs is something that many callers want. A digital voice might help to resolve an issue, but it will never convey empathy the same way that a human agent can.

Finally, it is important to give customers choices, and not everyone wants to use a self-service machine. Speaking to an understanding and confident agent can put many people’s minds at ease. As a result, call centres must strive to provide the best of both worlds by offering an efficient machine-driven self-service facility along with human agents.

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