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Huge increase in web chat use over last two years

New figures have shown that the use of web chat has grown considerable over the past two years.  Many call centres are increasingly adopting this form of media to communicate with clients, and with inbound traffic rates for telephone answering services rising from 0.7% to 1.7% for web chat between 2011 and 2013, it seems the novelty is increasing in popularity.

Data revealed by ContactBabel indicated that 37% of Britain’s call centres now have a web chat option that consumers can utilise.  This is a significant increase from the 14% noted in 2011.  The channel is still seen as a niche market, but many more companies are looking to install the feature, with 27% of survey respondents saying they plan to use web chat within the next year.

Steve Morrell, an expert in the area and author of the latest report, said: “With the huge growth in online shopping, research and self-service, there is a need to offer customers and prospects a live service channel in cases where the browser needs assistance.”  He added that rather than breaking the customer focus by drawing them away from websites to use the phone, utilising web chat enabled call centres to engage with them instantly and without breaking the shopping experience.

For centres wanting to adopt a multichannel approach it seems as if web chat is one of the right directions to head in.  However, it must be noted that it is vital for agents to correctly understand how the feature works if they are to ensure consistent and ongoing good service.

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