GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

HR issues handled via call centre assistance

A call centre and telephone answering service can help a business of any size to deal with a range of HR issues, in particular, absence management. Employees can speak to the call centre staff to report absence and the telephone answering service can also provide a management system that will ensure employers get the correct information on the reasons behind employee absence.

Calls from employees are handled impartially and staff are treated with understanding. The advantage of using a call centre is that calls can be made around the clock. This is particularly useful for companies that operate a night shift in production but do not have office staff available around the clock to take calls. The solution that is provided is a method which has been used by many companies and is one which is proven to work.

Information that is passed back to the company is done so in a clear and easy to use format and will help the organisation to analyse the patterns that are involved in employee absence. As the telephone answering service will also record calls, it means that if there are any disputes in the future the calls can be played back. Staff management is often a tricky area for small and new businesses and this is one aspect that can easily be outsourced without too many issues and one which can help to improve productivity in the future.

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