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How to steer consumers towards webchat

WebcamMany companies are feeling increasing pressure to utilise webchat as part of channel diversification. This method of communication can be a great tool for call centres to use, reducing inbound call traffic and helping to provide quick and efficient responses to customer questions. There are numerous ways for telephone answering services to prioritise webchat to make it used more often by their consumers.

First, although some executives might want to keep their best agents on voice calls, it is wise to place some of the most productive staff on webchat. This means that when the channel is used, customers are greeted by a firm’s most qualified and knowledgeable staff. It’s also worthwhile to advertise the speed of webchat via IVR messages. That way, anyone who is queuing might be diverted to using webchat instead of staying on the line, potentially saving them time and providing better customer services as a result.

When using webchat, efficiency is key. To this end, it’s important to hold people’s attention by using concise and short answers. Consumers can become distracted by other things when they’re utilising webchat, so it is vital to prioritise engagement. Chat should remain as simple and uncomplicated as possible. It’s also important to tailor conversations towards the individual customer’s needs rather than simply cutting and pasting generic answers.

Webchat can be a very efficient channel when it’s used properly. By steering customers towards this channel, productivity can be boosted.

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