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How to provide difficult feedback

telecommunicationsAgents are the front line of customer service for any call centre, dealing with both incoming and outgoing traffic and effectively creating the brand image. Feedback is often necessary for people to succeed, and telephone answering services should ensure any negative feedback is used to help agents rather than upset them.

Part of the process for delivering bad feedback is approaching the conversation as one that will be constructive and productive. Launching into the negative feedback that has been received can heighten emotions, so it is best to start these conversations by suggesting there might be a few things agents can do to improve.

In addition, it is vital for managers to be specific because vagueness is upsetting and not very helpful. For example, if someone has been habitually arriving to work late, managers should resist the urge to launch into an attack. Instead, they could say something along the lines of “It seems that you’ve been arriving late to work. Could you let me know your thoughts?” This approach makes it easier for workers to open up.

Finally, in the best scenarios, agents are allowed to draw their own conclusions and solutions instead of having the rules laid out for them by managers. This makes the entire process more productive and allows workers to know where they’ve gone wrong, providing call centres with the best way to improve employee production

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