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How to personalise call centre interactions

telephone212.1An increasing number of companies are starting to realise that it is vital to personalise interactions if they want to gain customer loyalty. For call centres that are just starting down this path, the amount of work might seem a little daunting at first. However, there are some easy ways to improve engagement, and many of them require a surprisingly low amount of work.

Technology has come a long way in the past few years, and telephone answering services can now utilise data-directed intelligence tools to point consumers in the right direction. There has been an increase in self-help systems in the past few years, but this doesn’t always assist people who have a specific question. However, with intelligence services, people can be routed through to personalised data for their enquiry.

For example, routing a person who is calling about an order to a message with dispatch and estimated delivery dates avoids having to utilise agents altogether and gives customers a customised service. In addition, whilst people are waiting, tools can be used to offer alternate music or announcements depending on the person’s identity or the number he or she is calling.

For call centre agents, personalisation often depends on the amount of data that is available. For example, if employees have people’s history at their fingertips, they can more easily customise the call. In addition, not being tied to rigid scripts helps to increase engagement and ensure consumers get the service that they expect.

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