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How to optimise self-service in call centres

With a new survey showing that consumers expect to be able to access self-service options when calling telephone answering services, experts have revealed their top tips to ensure this feature works.  Call centre customers want a fast and efficient service, and by providing seamless self-service processes, call traffic can be reduced whilst customer service is enhanced.

One of the most important things to consider when implementing self-service is which channel it is to be provided through.  The right channels must be utilised to provide the best function, and websites are very good for non-customer specific surveys, whilst mobile apps can be targeted towards known clientele.

Another essential step is to actually inform customers that self-service options are available because, surprisingly, many people might not be aware of this.  In addition, make it easy and quick for people to understand why self-service is a good tool to use.  Online e-forms or an automated bill payment system can be far quicker for individuals to use, allowing them to avoid lengthy phone calls.

Another great area in which self-service can be used is on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages.  Allowing customers to actually create a profile and talk with each other enables people to solve each others issues, saving the company both time and money.  It is important to keep all this data up to date, however; otherwise material could quickly become outdated.

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