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How to measure First Call Resolution

First Call Resolution, often simply abbreviated as FCR, is a common metric for call centres. By having a high FCR, telephone answering services are able to deliver optimum care and ensure customers don’t constantly have to call. What are the best ways to measure this metric accurately?

There are various ideas when it comes to measuring FCR. One of the most obvious and perhaps simplest ideas is to ask customers. Surveys that question whether a query was resolved on the first call can be easily filled out by consumers and give a clear indication of the level of FCR. One problem with this metric is that it is down to customers to fill out surveys, so a complete picture might not be gained.

Another option is to give call centre agents a tick sheet that can be filled out over several days. Manually getting advisors to note down if a call was solved immediately can help not only monitor FCR but also inspire agents to strive for the best performance.

Finally, when it comes to measuring FCR, definitions need to be clear. It is also important to outline which criteria are inclusive and exclusive. For example, is a call centre resolution one that is completely dealt with until the customer was happy? Clear guidelines need to be set for FCR so no inaccuracies creep in. This will mean that when FCR is calculated, a clear view can be instantly noted.

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