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How to maximise IVR menus

telephone12.1Many call centres have interactive voice response (IVR) menus. These can be a fantastic tool to allow customers to help themselves, whether via self-service or by routing them to the correct agent. However, IVR menus can get stale and become inefficient, so it is important for telephone answering services to regularly reassess their offerings.

Companies that want effective IVR menus should focus on automating repetitive and simple tasks. If a high number of customers call to opt out or switch services, for example, it’s important to have a menu option available that routes them to the correct department. Likewise, self-service tools, such as checking a balance, should be included on an IVR menu because this is a simple and regular option that many consumers might be using.

Meanwhile, offering a callback can be a considerable advantage to both the company and the client. Long queuing times can be a huge frustration for people, so giving them the chance to be contacted by an agent can be seen as positive customer care. It also means that firms won’t miss crucial calls and can keep their clients happy, making it very worthwhile in the long run.

Finally, using IVR menus can steer people in the right direction and ensure they’re using the correct resources. By using these tactics, call centres can gain impressive queuing time reductions, saving the client and the company time and money.

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