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How to introduce exercise into call centre days

Depositphotos_38806035_m-2015Promoting health and wellbeing for call centre employees is important throughout the year, but while New Year’s resolutions are fresh on everyone’s minds, helping agents to exercise might be even more important. The telephone answering services that are able to do this will find that their staff members are happier and healthier as a result, and this can result in lower attrition rates and higher customer service quality.

There are various ways to introduce exercise into an agent’s day, from a lunchtime running club to allowing people to utilise an exercise ball instead of a traditional chair at their desks. The focus should be on improving people’s health on their own terms, however, so it is important not to begin mandatory fitness lessons.

Starting a lunchtime running club can be a great way to get agents to break a sweat and create some endorphins to help them get through the afternoon. These sessions can simply be for enjoyment, or they can be aimed at running a 5K charity fun run, for example. In-house fitness classes can also be organised around lunch times, with Zumba or yoga instructors coming in to get people’s pulses racing. After-work sessions might also be offered, allowing agents to get fit at work instead of having to use extra personal time travelling to a gym.

Finally, smaller exercise routines can also be encouraged. For example, call centre agents can be asked to take the long route to the kitchen and restrooms to gain a few additional steps. Morning team huddles can include a set number of star jumps, or exercise balls can be used instead of a chair. All of these approaches can be used to promote healthiness and develop a happy workforce.


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