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How to increase productivity of outbound calls

It is often necessary for businesses utilising outsourced telephone answering services to initiate outbound calls.  Whilst many call centres are there solely to provide a customer care line, others are primed to make sales calls, either to current customers or to target groups who may be interested in buying services or products.  Attaining high performance for outbound calls can be hard, but there are some tips that can help achieve success.

One of the most important factors for call centres making outbound calls is to hire the right people.  Many potential employees might be put off by the fact that they have to call people, instead of answering incoming traffic.  Therefore, it is crucial to be honest about roles when people apply.

It is also a good idea to use Ofcom regulations as a quality measure.  Ofcom recently revealed that a vast number of dropped calls were being made to consumers, and promised that they were going to tackle this issue.  As such, it is vital for call centre agents to reduce dropped calls to an absolute minimum and embrace the regulations that have been set.

Finally, ring time can also have a large effect on how many calls are picked up.  For example, telephone answering services dealing with elderly individuals will need to allow a ring time of at least 25 seconds to give customers time to get to the phone.

Utilising these tips can help call centres achieve greater performance for their outbound calls, and ultimately provide a better service to both client and customer.

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