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How to incentivise overtime

One extremely important aspect of running a call centre is the management of agents. The amount of traffic seen by telephone answering services has peaks and troughs, whether throughout the day, weeks, months or seasons. As such, managers need to be extremely efficient in ensuring they have enough staff. This often entails asking agents to work overtime, and it’s important to incentivise this so that individuals are keen to work a little more.

When planning for weekend overtime, it is important to ensure that the work is more fun that it is on a normal weekday. Themed days can be held, or pizza and sweets can be given out. This means that those going out of their way to staff a call centre know they will get some rewards for doing so.

Other options to get agents on site are to agree on get-go targets. These entitle staff to go home as soon as they’ve reached their goals instead of sitting through an entire shift. They need careful management, however, to ensure agents have actually reached the targets they claim.

Meanwhile, a banking scheme can be the ideal solution. In this scenario, those working overtime actually get time off rather than extra money. For example, if someone works two full weekend days, they can claim two days off later in the year.

Finding ways to incentivise overtime is crucial if firms want to rely on their employees when traffic notes an upturn. By getting agents on board, call centre efficiency remains high regardless of traffic levels.

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