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How to improve staff retention rates

Call centres have a notoriously high turnover when it comes to staff. This can cause major problems for telephone answering services. First, hiring new employees is an expensive business, and companies can spend a lot of money gaining new agents. Secondly, losing experienced agents can be a huge blow for customer services as it means that those manning the phone aren’t as effective at helping. This means that every effort must be taken to keep retention rates high.

There are a number of ways to improve retention rates, one of which is to alter the recruitment process. Potential employees should be interviewed by a variety of people from different business divisions in order to find agents who will fit well with an entire company instead of just one aspect.

Once staff are hired, utilising a structured training program is a good idea. No matter how good a new employee is, he or she is not likely to have all the skills required for the job. Investing in a good training program is essential; it’s better to lose candidates during the first three-month probation phase and ensure those who pass remain loyal to the company over coming years.

Finally, now that office life has become far more flexible than ever before, it is important to give employees a small degree of changeability when it comes to shift patterns. Agents shouldn’t be allowed to swap to their hearts’ content, but by allowing a small degree of flexibility, call centres can improve the retention rates of their best staff.

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