GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

How to improve outbound calling

There are many cases when even telephone answering services whose core business is receiving calls have to conduct some outbound dialling. This may be to offer call-backs to customers or to update clients on the latest service or product upgrades. In such cases, call centres need to know how to optimise the work in order to increase efficiency.

When it comes to matters of up-selling, it is vital that dialler managers look for trends ahead of sending their agents out to work. For example, data needs to be studied for shifts in penetration/sales, allowing more calls to make money. Meanwhile, reports need to be reviewed for Best Time to Talk (BTT) information, allowing better usage of call periods.

Whilst receiving calls can be a relatively relaxed affair for agents, many people hate actually making calls themselves. This requires team leaders to be at the forefront of motivation and support. There are many ways to reward positive customer feedback, but one option is to post people’s name on a pin board when an outbound call results in positive client responses. In addition, it is a good idea to rotate call centre agents from outbound to inbound calling regularly, providing people with a much need break.

Call centres always have to undertake some outbound calling, whatever the nature of their business is. By conducting this work in the right way, firms can prosper.

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