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How to improve call centre forecasting

Forecasting is important for all businesses, helping executives plan and develop strategies for the future. This is particularly important in the call centre, where it is essential to understand the peaks and troughs of business so enough agents are on hand. For telephone answering services that want to improve their forecasting, there are a few tips to follow.

One essential thing to remember when running a call centre is that education is extremely important. All workers in every aspect of a company should be fully educated on the impact of their work upon others. It can significantly aid employees to know why they are doing a certain task, and the transparency of data and increased sharing will help forecasting in the long term. An easy method should also be implemented for flagging up changing trends, allowing workers on the frontline to be involved instead of executives being the only ones monitoring the situation.

Meanwhile, call centres are encouraged to only change things when they are not working. Tampering with processes can make forecasts inaccurate. When it comes to maintenance of aspects, such as system updates, it is imperative that IT departments communicate with forecasters so processes can be put in place to safeguard working practices during this time. The same is also true regarding promotional periods, when forecasts might need to be adjusted.

Forecasting is an essential tool in business, enabling companies to predict surges in activity and make the necessary adjustments. By making the right changes, firms will ensure they are always ready to deal with shifting trends.

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