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How to handle customer complaints via Twitter

Social media is becoming of increasing interest to many call centres, and those who are taking on a multi-channelled approach are able to benefit from better interaction with their customers.  However, bad use on Twitter can quickly spiral out of control, with RTs allowing the whole world to see how a situation’s been handled.  Therefore, telephone answering services using social media platforms must ensure that they are interacting with customers in the correct way.

With only 140 characters, it can be hard to handle a customer complaint on Twitter.  One of the leading mistakes by call centres is that social media is managed by marketers and not agents.  This results in the same generic message being handed out.  Instead, agents should be allowed to handle complaints in the same way as they would on the telephone.  Managers might worry about the transparency of Twitter, but knowing that everyone is watching will often push the emphasis on customer care up.

Another important tip for Twitter is that it is personal, and the best customer service comes from agents who can reflect care, compassion and personality in their tweets.  All customer complaints must be answered in a timely manner, and generic messages must be avoided at all costs.  In addition, if the problem cannot be handled via short tweets, ask for customer contact details and follow up with queries and problems.  Never ask for customers to email or call because this is putting extra hassle upon an already frustrated customer.

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