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How to handle complaints via social media

Call centres have to embrace social media more and more in the modern day as consumers demand a range of communication channels. However, social platforms are not always the easiest systems to use, particularly when it comes to handling complaints. For telephone answering services who do not want to do more damage to their brand, it is important to be extremely careful when tackling consumer problems via social media.

One of the most important aspects of using social media is to give swift responses, and this has never been more vital in the case of a complaint. Call centres must be proactive and responsive to complaints on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. For one thing, these are public forums that everyone can see, and customer services must demonstrate top quality. It is also important for the individual concerned and the wider audience to see that a complaint is being thoroughly addressed, even if call centres simply ask consumers to contact them via an alternate method.

Using an alternate communication channel is important, but it is important for companies to actually call customers instead of asking people to call them. Contact details can be gathered with a DM on Twitter, a message on Facebook or even a company’s database if the individual is already a customer. Taking this step shows customers they are valued and it takes the complaint away from a network, which can be limited when trying to help people.

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