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How to handle abandoned webchat

34 d2ViY2FtLmpwZw==Over the past few years, telephone answering services have been increasingly diversifying, adding numerous alternative contact options to their services. This includes webchat, which is an online instant messaging tool that allows customers to speak to agents immediately. However, in some cases, customers abandon webchats, and this leaves call centre agents wondering how to continue.

There are many ways to handle abandoned webchat properly so that if a customer is actually still there, he or she is not offended that an agent has left the chat. Customers might be multi-tasking during the chat, or something might happen that draws them away from the chat panel for a few minutes.

The best option for call centres that do not want to waste time on abandoned webchat is to send some form of message. Whether this is automated or not is down to an individual call centre, but it can be a good idea to wait between one to two minutes and then send a message that says something along the lines of “It looks like you’ve left the chat.” Chats don’t have to necessarily be closed at this point, but they can remain open for several more minutes to give consumers a chance to reply.

Ultimately, call centres can’t spend forever waiting for a reply. However, it’s important not to drop out of chat when a customer is actually still there, so sending a disconnection message a few minutes before actually closing the chat is an important step in reducing negative experiences.

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