GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

How to ensure agents get a single view of consumers

For telephone answering services, getting the correct insight into a single customer instead of an entire market is vital if the correct service is to be provided.  There are several ways that this can be done, with call centres urged to use modern techniques to ensure they are addressing an individual and not giving a standard target market response.

One of the most important ways to identify consumers is to link all a call centre’s identifiers together.  This means that customer relationship management (CRM) tools need to be integrated into other resources so that whichever way a consumer makes contact, the system knows who it is.  This is especially important for customers who like to channel-hop and utilise various platforms, such as web chat, Twitter and voice calls, to seek out help and support.

For call centres deliberating over whether or not to integrate systems, it is also important to consider the future and ensure that any software is scalable.  Just 18 months ago, many people would have not considered the mighty power that Twitter has become.  Therefore, in addition to supporting all interaction channels, software must be flexible enough to add additional channels at a later stage.

Finally, whilst many executives can be against this, it is a good idea to allow agents a certain degree of customisation over their desktop.  Everyone works slightly differently, and by boxing people into a set interface, their performance could actually be stunted.  Allowing agents to configure their screen ensures that they can help customers no matter which channel they are dealing with.  By doing that, speed and quality of service can be improved.

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