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How to engage call centre workers

ENGAGEMENT CONCEPT ON TABLET PC SCREENA report from Gartner shows how important it is for firms to assess the needs, aspirations and expectations of their call centre staff, especially those of the next generation. Companies need to spend more time thinking about how to keep agents motivated and engaged. In fact, Gartner’s report said: “The impact a motivated and engaged employee can have, not just on operation performance but also on the customer experience, should not be underestimated.”

Luckily, making the change from simply optimising telephone answering services staff to truly improving engagement and motivation is easier than it might seem. First, it is important for call centres to create a benchmark by assessing their current engagement levels. After receiving feedback from staff, executives can then develop a list of ideal outcomes and objectives.

It is also extremely important to give agents the right tools to enable motivation and engagement. Technologies that promote agent self-service, gamification and lifestyle scheduling can be particularly useful. Success should be publically and visually rewarded, and communications with call centre staff should be diversified to include social media and email channels.

Finally, executives should keep in mind that substance wins over style and avoid getting drawn in by attractive solutions that do not meet the required demands. When deciding on a technology partner, call centres should find a provider that offers end-to-end workforce management tools that function seamlessly within the workplace environment.

Improving staff engagement is no longer just an option; it is a necessity. Firms that succeed in this area can reap tremendous benefits.

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