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How to empower call centre staff

A call centre’s efficiency can boil down to one simple thing; staffing.  Without the right agents, telephone answering services are unlikely to excel or provide great customer service.  This means that a lot of time and care needs to be given to ensuring that employees are well trained.  In addition, individuals need to be empowered so that they can continue working to their optimum levels.

In a survey, 45% of people said that they considered customer services more important than price.  This goes to show just how vital it is to provide consumers with a positive experience.  Giving agents the right tools to handle any situation is, therefore, essential.

A good way to empower agents is to ensure that call centres have easy channels of internal communication.  By working together, agents can help streamline processes and optimise their work without formal training.  Having a central communication hub for employees to discuss important company matters is crucial.  Central hubs also work well as an information and knowledge base that workers can utilise when necessary.  By making this data centre accessible and usable by all staff, tips and tricks can also be shared around so that agents can help themselves.

Finally, it is important for call centre executives to gather the right data, and paying attention to consumer voice is vital.  Using social media discussions and surveys can help find out what consumers are thinking, empowering agents to address callers’ problems and provide the best service possible.

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