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How to deal with complaints quickly

Dealing with consumer complaints is a vital task for call centres, despite many agents not wanting to do so.  Having to talk to irate and frustrated customers is not everyone’s idea of a good time, but it does need to be done.  To reduce the impact of customer problems, it is important to deal with issues quickly.

One of the quickest ways to solve a consumer query is to have agents phone customers.  No matter how people actually contacted a telephone answering services company, receiving a phone call from the company is often greatly appreciated.  Calls are quick and private, solving the worry that bad service could spread across social media.  It also ensures that misunderstandings are kept to an absolute minimum.

After setting up the process to solve consumer issues, it is important for call centres to have a clear service strategy in place.  This ensures that all complaints are dealt with in the same way and that no consumer gets preferential or different treatment to someone else.  Staff should all be trained in the same manner, ensuring agents can resolve problems quickly and are given the tools and responsibility to act as they see fit.  Problem solving, empathy and communication skills need to be addressed as a priority, helping agents to engage in the right way.

Complaints are a natural part of all businesses, and no matter how good a product or service, some people will not be happy.  However, by developing the right processes to deal with complaints, companies can reduce the negative impact.

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